The W.O.K.E ARTS Gathering


Shot by @Vivid_ink56 Tshegofatso Maselesele

The W.O.K.E Arts Gathering is a conscious arts-experience that serves as a platform for growing and independent artists to share their work with an audience that understands. We platform the arts in different executions that come in the form of exhibitions, film fests and other social art experiences.

Ranging in various art mediums such as Poetry, Visual Art (Photography, Fine Art and Videography etc) Dance and Music

This is more than an art exhibition but an art experience that connects every human involved by prioritizing interactivity and collaboration of all art forms.

Love is the highest vibration.

Shot by @Vivid_ink56 Tshegofatso Maselesele

We host festivals and events that provide the general public with the opportunity to directly interact with artists and educate themselves about the arts. We are a community of artists coming together with the cause of uplifting spirit and uniting humanity.

We’re Original Kreatif Enlightened