Art by Anu Oro

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Anu Oro is Original!

A self taught New York artists who paints from her own raw perspective. Anu is our first international feature as we make efforts to not only reconnect with the diaspora but also connect with other artists of various cultures in an effort to unite humanity through expression. We had a word with her and delved into what fuels her fire.


What is the meaning and origins of the name Anu Oro?

My name has several meanings that are dear to me. Among them are: atom, mercy, riches, complete, something unknown, to speak, favor, and her own.


Since W.O.K.E Arts is a a platform that aims to teach the everyday public about high art- we’d love to ask you about the rationale behind these first two pieces here?

Most of my work is quite intuitive. I tend to turn on some of my favorite music and let myself go, until I’ve made something that I feel has gotten the best effort from me. Both  “Oculus” & “Elixir” we’re simply in my minds eye. I worked out the smaller details and incorporated elements of what I loved along the way.

Intuition is a beautiful thing, a lot of times it seems our subconscious mind knows more than we do, so symbolism could be more powerful. 

What have the challenges of being a self-taught artist been for you thus far?

The biggest challenge as an artist has been patience, coming into your own creatively sends you through various levels of emotion. I use the paint to work through that and it’s brought me in touch with dimensions of my work that allow me to be autonomous. Being self taught, I’ve had to  heavily rely on on experimentation.


Any artist of other art mediums you’d love to collaborate with? it can be well known artists or those you see on the rise.

I have not thought about collaborating but there are a few artists work that have caught my eye. Bradley Theodore, Bryant Giles, & Kehinde Wiley have created amazing timelines with their artistry.

We thank you so much for your time Anu Oro- the renaissance will keep finding more ways to connect us all as one art community- this is our first step!

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