W.O.K.E – Artistic Principles

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The W.O.K.E Artistic framework serves as the values and framework we build ourselves and each other on. These are the standards we place our art on.

We’re – The Artist is able to collaborate and work with artist of other mediums.

Original – You have to have the ability to tell your own story or the story of the people you come from through your art

Kreatif – You have to have a unique way of telling said story or expressing ideas.

Enlightened – The art must aim to evoke great emotion or thought.

It is the founding blocks that create the cohesion within our mixed art experiences and ensures that it is all a uniting us creatively, socially and inevitably, spiritually.

The idea is to bring High Art culture to the everyday human and and elevate society through creating art that goes beyond entertainment but a moment that serves as a channel to a higher experience.

Love is the highest vibration!