A Che Guevera T-shirt

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Once again- in times where the people are dying for change, revolution, evolution and transformation has turned into a fashion statement. A watered down attire that has lost its conviction and meaning. Finding your roots has been reduced to the black escapist Wakanda fever, The #FeesMustFall #RhodesMustFall narrative has been turned into coffee shop decor and being an “Activist” is more about status and acclaim instead of being an active administrator of societal change. Thus, concrete societal change and conscious evolution have been perverted once again.


We call this the “Che Guevera T-shirt” because of the irony of a communist revolutionary being reduced to a trendy figure flaunted for capitalist gain.

What’s the latest Che Guevera T-shirt you’ve seen in our capitalist society lately?

Let start a conversation of excavation of the matrix.