FEAR Pt.1 –

Love or Fear. Everything we are and everything we do stems from either Love or Fear. When we learn to follow our love (the gift’s we enjoying giving) intelligently, it becomes a compass that guides and aids us through our lives. When we follow Fear, we can become limited, hateful, insecure and we never grow. The fear of the unknown.


In this meditation I’m going to use the song FEAR by Kendrick lamar as backdrop to discuss the disabling crutch Fear can pose on the human being and their spirit.

Kendrick Lamar has been known to unravel the psyche of the times we live in through his experiences; he becomes the expression of our pain, ignorance, wisdom, power and ego by personifying it or paralleling it to his own experiences (as the artist should).

FEAR is about the traumatic mental complex created by an oppressed upbringing. If there is generational wealth (Money, A powerful network, infrastructure, health care, spiritual and environmental well being) there is a generational poverty that has been consciously inflicted on African Americans and lik wealth it has compound growth and if we don’t seek spiritual cleansing, it becomes worse. He is addressing the ailments that trickle down in our blood from generation to generation- through the oppressive context’s the African American’s are raised in that wound them with toxic habit’s, like living in FEAR.

“Why GOD? Why GOD do I gotta suffer?”
“I don’t think I could find a way to make it on this earth”


Life has it’s difficulties for every being on this planet, but Kendrick’s cry comes from the fact that no matter what solution or window of opportunity he jumps through, he still finds himself scourged by the same curses. It is a curse because he feels like he can’t escape this mental cycle now matter how far off he veers. A mind programmed by a context design to oppress you.


The first Verse is Kendrick personifying many mother’s from the hood, layered in violence, distrust, rigid discipline, and consistent threats.

“You know my patience runnin thin, I got beaucoup payments to make” the trickiest part of all this is that it’s rooted in love. Her rigid discipline is the most potent form of love she knows in a world designed for her child to die or fall on the way side. She is fearful for her son so she instills a fear in him that will hopefully keep him on the right path. Fear must be abandoned, because Fear can distort our love in its form of insecurity.

County building’s on my ass, tryna take my food stamps away” 


Food stamps are coupons that help people of lower incomes to be able to buy the bare necessities to survive, she had found a way to finesse her situation and now even that little that she had a grasp on is being taken away. That is the pain of oppression, the lack of a consistent means to survive because the rules of the game keep changing as the game realizes you’re getting better at playing.

Verse two explores Maad city Kendrick at 17 illustrating all the Fears he developed of his own demise as a casualty to his own community.

prolly die.PNG


What the oppressor aimed to create was an entire existence rooted in Fear, because it becomes that much easier to control a subservient person once they have beat them into submission by abuse.  Death could have been waiting on any corner from the Candy store- to the mere color of your clothes due to assumed gang affiliation, all Kendrick has ever known is fear and this is all a set up to the third verse which is successful life he is currently living.



On Kendrick’s To Pimp a Butterfly classic he stated

And if I told your secrets
The world’ll know money can’t stop a suicidal weakness

The third verse mirrors this sentiment as he drowns in disbelief at his own success. People who have been starved either over eat when  exposed to more food or may even become incredibly conservative out of FEAR. Kendrick was the latter. There is a difference between rationing your energy wisely and becoming a self depriving miser. Greed, gluttony or stinginess is a fear based mentality of lack and it is a spiritual illness.  His Fears are all legitimate but it becomes an ailment when it rules him.  Will he splurge and go broke like MC Hammer? or will he face legal and financial issues stemming from incompetent financial advisers like Rihanna & Fat Joe?

We must conquer our fears, understand it as an instinct of caution that must be understood and faced!

Now that we understand FEAR through understanding, in part two we can speak on the power of facing your fears and transcending.