Darkness is not Evil (Face it)

Art by: @thayssilva_xs / Thais Dasilva Pereira

This entire universal experience is symbolic, we are symbols made in the image surrounded by images that infer to something else. A Symbol is defined as a thing that represents or stands for something else, especially a material object representing something abstract. So your being is an abstraction of something greater, this reality is a reduced representation of the truth. Reduced by our perception and understanding, our humanity –  that is why they say the eye can only see as far as it understands, if we expand our understanding- we give life more colour and understanding of what we call reality.

Where does Darkness come into all of this? Darkness is the absence of light and darkness is a symbol in itself. The Dark has been manifested as The Night, the universe, you see darkness when you sleep, Death, Sorrow, Divinity, Power, Femininity, The Moon and the shade Black.

Where does the western fear of Darkness stem from? Light; which we immediately associate with the day, with The Sun – symbolizes life and vitality. In the light we feel safer because it feeds our crops, we feel more in control because it is all visible, we enjoy the daze that comes with the colors of the rainbow. The night is daunting, all encompassing and requires you to heighten your senses to thrive within it, to be more discerning because anything can happen at the night show.

image1 (3).jpeg

Now if you’re on this site you most likely  agree that love is the highest vibration and is the most powerful and transcendent of all energies. Once you understand that, you will realise that fear is the true seed of evil, all evil always stems from insecurity and inadequacy.  All humanities worst deeds stem from this inadequacy, that is why it is important to acknowledge that you are a manifestation of the highest power, you are made in the image of the Gods, you are a *star*, you are a child of the universe which means you have divine power resting within you.  So defining your reality from a place of fear is a weakness and lowers your frequency. Death is your reality, the night is inevitable and the all encompassing darkness of the universe can be the warmest embrace when you become one with it.

Darkness/ Thought/ Dreams/The subconscious is the place we create our reality from, it is weakening to fear it, it is the highest power to understand it and transmute it. D2MrjQ5WwAAJvSF.jpg

From both a scientific and a spiritual perspective Darkness is faster than light (https://futurism.com/how-is-the-speed-of-darkness-is-faster-than-the-speed-of-light) because before the universe was spoken into existence- before “Let there be light” Darkness was already there. Darkness as an energy and a symbol of power. Why must we fear power if that power is guided by love? We must submit ourselves to the highest power and carry it out with care. Why must we fear death if we know energy never dies? If every death is a new beginning and the night precedes a new day- why should we be insecure?

Taoism is an example of this understandingyink-yang.jpg

True godliness is found in balance, we must unite our intuition with our intellect, we must combine our love with our power and we must understand the masculinity and femininity within ourselves if we are to give birth to the son, the godliness that comes forth when we unite with the metaphoric/spiritual father and mother within ourselves. The divine trinity.

It is time we evolve past the projection, beyond “Love and light” and understand that darkness, our dreams and the night is where the light is built on and manifested in the morning.

Thank you for your time, I hope this is a beginning of a beautiful conversation with yourself.