Woke Arts: Art that embodies our politics

It seems that the greatest burden of the moment we find ourselves in is creating content that is “woke”; the time of “problematising” is upon us and so all art is vulnerable to political scrutiny. I am fortunate enough to be writing this article post the interrogation of the ethics of Afropunk Festival and Abantu…


Nirvana Nokwe aims to bring the divinity that alludes us closer with her music. Raising the love vibration she plans to drop it on the 14th of February 2019. A 3 track EP which speaks to loving on a higher plane, a cosmic love.  Available for pre-order on all your favorite online music stores. The…

MUZI’S(@Muziou) “QUESTIONS” Ft Tiro

One of South Africa’s favorite alternative African Boys, Muzi is the Kwa Zulu Natal native that is crafting the sound of our tomorrow. Viva la African Renaissance!

W.O.K.E – Artistic Principles

The W.O.K.E Artistic framework serves as the values and framework we build ourselves and each other on. These are the standards we place our art on. We’re – The Artist is able to collaborate and work with artist of other mediums. Original – You have to have the ability to tell your own story or…

Art by Anu Oro

New York New Art!
Anu Oro is a self taught artist and our first re-connection with the diaspora