Woke Arts Gathering Review – Leago Mkhondo

We are all aware that the entertainment industry is one of the most toxic spaces to inhabit and is very cruel to up and coming artists. Since its inception, artists have been marginalised, harassed and discriminated against. The prevalent story you hear is that money needs to be made, and no one cares so much…

Art by Anu Oro

New York New Art!
Anu Oro is a self taught artist and our first re-connection with the diaspora

The W.O.K.E ARTS Gathering

  The W.O.K.E Arts Gathering is a conscious arts-experience that serves as a platform for growing and independent artists to share their work with an audience that understands. We platform the arts in different executions that come in the form of exhibitions, film fests and other social art experiences. Ranging in various art mediums such as…